Residential Upholstery
For Gorgeous Furniture.

Need to completely cover a motion-furniture chair? Looking to leather-match the side and back of a leather chair with a cost effective vinyl or polyurethane product? Let Polynova Solutions' wide range of residential upholstery fabrics help you make a selection. We offer a comprehensive range of constructions, enabling a variety of applications from leather-match vinyl to fully upholstered polyurethanes and semi-polyurethanes.

Each construction carries features and benefits appropriate for different types of furniture, based on performance needs, draping, tailorability and design. Vinyl products offer great abrasion, chemical and UV resistance. They are also very cleanable, in fact, there isn’t a product on the market more cleanable than vinyl!

Vinyl upholstery products are constructed with nonwoven backings, offering a soft hand, good drape and stretch. Polyurethanes and semi-polyurethanes provide the most realistic faux leathers with respect to hand, feel and look, and lend themselves to a wide range of decorative finishes. They're comfortable and can offer excellent tailorabilty, making them a friendly fabric to work with. Urethane and semi-urethane upholstery products incorporate knit backings to provide a two-way stretch which is mechanically conditioned to yield soft hand and a good drape.

In addition, our products are also appropriate for a variety of specialty applications including tufting, buttoning and channeling upholstery styles. Our residential upholstery is designed to be cleaned, over and over, without showing signs of wear. With built in fabric protection it is possible to remove stains that could never be removed before. Most common stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off. Many difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Our diverse facilities and wide range of capabilities enable us to provide leather-match vinyls, decorative vinyls, polyurethane fabrics and semi-polyurethane fabrics that meet your needs for options in design, color and textures. No matter what quality or price point is demanded, Polynova’s residential product collection provides you with a range of options.

Whatever your need, Polynova has a product with the right performance features. Of course, beautiful color and design is always integrated. Choose Polynova as your partner for residential upholstery. If we don't have what you are looking for in our stock line, consider our custom program to create the fabric of your dreams!